Information Management



Information management is the management of organizational systems and processes that aid in acquiring, creating and disseminating information. The process of information management is therefore systematic in its approach and runs on a cycle of activity.  An information management system allows for a successful flow of information and encompasses five attributes or processes that help to establish specific goals and objectives of a company. This is known as the information strategy, which attempts to establish the overall direction of the execution of the goals and objectives (“What is Information Management?” 2013). These five processes are: project initiation, project planning, project execution, project monitoring/controlling and project closing. Adherence to this system is driven by the accessibility of information available, the relevance of the information, the understanding of the information and the accuracy of the information available.


Information Medium

Information includes both electronic and physical. An organization’s structure must be adept in the managing of this information effectively throughout the project process. The focus of information management then can be more aptly described as a corporate obligation to address the needs of that particular company. Organizations have to be held responsible and also have to hold their employees liable in the process (“What is Information Management?” 2013). This is especially true within the healthcare sector.

Health information management is described as the care of health records within innumerable areas of the health care sector including hospitals, physician’s office, clinics and varying health departments and insurance companies. Health information management professionals decide and execute information systems and policies in accordance with utilization of the information management technology (“Classifying health workers: Mapping occupations to the international standard classification,” 2010). There is a need in the information management process for a portfolio management office. A portfolio management office is an integrated office within the information management project process that specifically supports the structure of IM/IT. During the information management process, because of the amount of information that is needed to be managed, there is often a need for improvement.  Each of the five components of information management can collectively improve the quality of health care.