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Saving begins with knowing. Know more with LucidGreen.

Every technology organisation — large and small — has a social responsibility towards reducing energy consumption, go and be green. This requires the ‘greening’ of people, processes and technology. We help with that.

LucidGreen offers a fast, efficient and inexpensive way to get the most for your ‘green dollar’. With a combination of analytics, deployment, and metrics, LucidGreen increases agility, lowers your IT costs, and reduces your carbon footprint. It can also be tailored to suit your needs, policies, practices and budgets.

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What does LucidGreen do for you?

  • Helps save on operations costs by optimising energy usage.
  • Measures energy consumption in realtime with our non-invasive current sensors.
  • Ensures data quality with our checks.
  • Aggregates and analyses data stored at a server on the cloud.
  • Presents actionable insights on the interactive ec4 dashboard.
  • Monitors consumption against targets, track budgets, trends, and compare performance.
  • Correlates consumption to key influencers like temperature and equipment condition.
  • Predicts the effect of unseasonal temperature variation on planned energy consumption.
  • Enables production energy optimization.