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Quality of your data defines the quality of your decisions.

The impact of bad data quality increases manifold when it gets transformed and consumed by business applications and enterprise executive systems. Decisions made on bad data can affect the business in myriad ways, without even knowing why expected results are not achieved. DQ monitor helps with that.

DQ Monitor provides a framework that enables active involvement of business users and IT users for real-time data quality monitoring. The solution helps defining data quality KPIs and corresponding rules (data and business) to profile existing and incoming data.

Actionable insights from this is presented on an interactive dashboard. Comparison with previous cycles and benchmark data is also possible to ascertain improvement of data quality. DQ Monitor enables faster implementation and ROI through incremental scale up from one data source to the entire enterprise.

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What does DQ Monitor do for you?

  • Offers a data quality framework within 6-8 weeks
  • Offer pre-built ETL processes, data models and graphical user interface templates
  • Allows for easy incorporation into any application
  • Provides the ability to establish benchmarks, track trends, and compare it to goals.
  • Portability across technology platforms