Business Analytics

Lucid’s Business Analytics solutions go beyond mere collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. It enables businesses to bridge the gap between Business needs and Data analysis by providing actionable insights to achieve Business Objectives.

Lucid Offers following services in Business Analytics:

  • Consulting – Define Objectives, KPIs and Metrics
  • Data Analysis using Statistical and Non-Statistical Techniques
  • Analytical Model Design and implementation – Predictive models, Scoring models
  • Data Visualizations – Developing Custom Dashboards using Lucid Dashboard Framework


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Business analytics

Why Lucid?

Lucid’s Business Analytics services enable:

  • Comprehensive mining and analysis of data
  • Creation of sustainable intelligence through adaptive predictive models
  • Availability of Analytical outputs that allow Business users to easily draw inferences and take actions
  • Rich visualization of information delivered using custom dashboards

Lucid Dashboard Framework supports the creation of solutions that integrate Operational and Strategic Analytics that help predict future outcomes with minimal latency between event and decision.

Lucid has extensive experience building models for predictive analytics across several industries such as Healthcare, Pharma, Media/Content and functions such as Marketing.

Lucid with its expertise in Data Integration and Management, brings Complex Event Processing capabilities integrated with intuitive and rich visualization to enable data-intensive industries make quick decisions based on good understanding of their underlying data.