BI and Analytics

Painting the big picture, bit by bit.

In the information era, intelligent enterprises become successful enterprises. To be intelligent, you need technologies, processes, applications and partners to analyze your data — internal or external, structured or otherwise. At Lucid, we can build this capability for you.

Lucid has delivered business intelligence and analytics solutions to several Fortune 100 companies across the analytics value chain.

Information Delivery

Lucid believes that delivery of information plays a key role in enabling you to leverage your information assets. We have expertise across several leading products — Oracle OBIEE, IBM Cognos, Tibco Jaspersoft Studio, SAP Business Objects and more.

paper-planeBusiness requirements and data analysis
paper-planeData model and ETL development
paper-planeCube design and development
paper-planeDevelopment of wireframes/mockups
paper-planeReport development

Data Discovery and Visualization

Data discovery and visualization gives organisations the power to see information in context, visually, enabling quicker, more intelligent decision making. We can build that for you.

Our Offerings

paper-planeDashboards and visualizations
paper-planeData storyboards
paper-planeRich UI sustom dashboards
paper-planeData visualization widgets

Advanced Business Analytics

Lucid believes in the power of information to go the extra mile. For us business analytics is more than the mere collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. We enable you to meet your business objectives with actionable insights (‘what will happen?’), derived from accurate data.

Our Offerings

paper-planeStrategic business consulting
paper-planeData analysis
paper-planeAnalytical model design and implementation
paper-planeData visualization

Choosing Lucid

At Lucid, we have built analytics solutions for and alongside the largest and most data-driven companies around the world. A result of this deep and varied experience — the Lucid Dashboard Framework — is a powerful accelerator to build custom dashboards.

Our data integration and management experience combines complex event processing capabilities with intuitive and rich visualization. Infographic techniques and event-based response systems make your dashboards both interactive and ‘actionable’.

Our co-creation methods include stakeholders from the start, enabling optimum participation and eventual usage.