Lucid Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Standardizing quality of performance management across the enterprise using analytics governance and self-service

Business Problem

• Client needed to improve the reliability and efficiency of its analytic reporting function to make better business decisions
• Common problems facing the organization included redundant reports, unreliable data sources, uncontrolled access to data, lack of visibility to data lineage and lack of self-service
• The current analytics governance platform’s perceived business values were low impacting user adoption

Lucid Approach

• Helped Client showcase the value of the Collibra platform to the Business and Tech users and then slowly introduce controls and governance practices
• Iteratively engaged stakeholders through proof-of-concepts to introduce automation of report and data source curation and certification workflows
• Used Lucid’s Easy Connections to accelerate the ingestion of Tableau and SQL server metadata into Collibra, including usage metrics and users’ security profiles
• Integration with a 3rd party SQL parser enabled lineage even for SQL source-based workbooks
• Developed custom Collibra Dashboards to visually organize standardized corporate operations dashboards
• With the curation workflows such as the Report certification and Data source certification, the Tableau users started leveraging the platform to understand the quality of the reporting content they have and what data sources could be used including redundant reports


• Analytics Governance platform that provides a complete catalog of data and reporting asses, reliable lineage and access privileges
• Increased adoption to 200+ users and 60+ Stewards
• Continuous and reliable data governance monitoring that ensures “meaningfulness’ to decision makers
• Self-service enables efficient access to enterprise content

Lucid is a “trusted partner” that helped us creatively finds ways to strengthen our governance program

DG Lead/Information Management Architect
Healthcare industry