Predictive Cash Flow For US -Based Healthcare Providers And Practitioners

Business Problem: The Financial Officers of the Healthcare providers have insufficient information to understand the reasons for unpredictable long revenue cycle.

Our Solution: The work done was to predict the cash flow from claim reimbursements  for healthcare providers using  historical data. The predictions made were

  • How much money can be expected?
  • When is the money expected?
  • Likelihood of claim payment

A ground-up design, development and implementation of a Predictive model was provided. A proprietary hybrid model was developed using a home grown scoring model and a Support Vector Machine (SVM) model. The model involved an active classification mechanism  for the claims and an auto-model training mechanism. The outcome was presented in an interactive dashboard with highly intuitive graphics.

Technology : R 2.14.2 with RServe, RODBC, RPART e1071, SQL Scripts, Oracle 11g, Dashboard built  using LDF with custom Flex components

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