Integration of EIM platform metadata housed in the IBM InfoSphere Information Server (IIS) repository into Collibra DGC for a leading US Regional Bank

Client: A leading US Regional Bank

Business Problem: IBM InfoSphere Information Server was the centralized technical metadata repository for the client, housing metadata generated by IIS and also loaded from other systems using third party solutions. They wanted to import all this technical metadata into their primary governance platform, Collibra Data Governance Center(DGC).

Our Solution: Lucid developed Collibra Connect integration templates to extract metadata from the IBM InfoSphere Information Server Platform using the IGC REST API and load them into Collibra DGC.

Metadata pertaining to DataStage, Information Analyzer, the IGC BI Model and Extended Mapping Specifications were extracted. The templates supported parameterized filtering of metadata based on custom attributes and labels specified in IGC. The templates were scheduled for periodic extraction of incremental changes to the metadata.   

Technology: Collibra DGC ver 4.6, IBM IIS ver 11.5, Collibra Connect with Collibra DGC Connector v1.3

About the Author: Anand Govindarajan

Anand Govindarajan