Information Delivery

Lucid recognizes that Information Delivery plays a key part in enabling organizations to optimally leverage their information assets. Lucid has expertise in delivering information as Custom dashboards, Portlets and as Reports on multiple platforms including mobile devices.

Lucid helps to develop reports of all kinds such as List, Cross-tab, Drill- through and Active reports on all Reporting/BI platforms from leading vendor platforms as well as Advanced Dashboarding and Visualizations through tools like Qlikview and Tableau.

Lucid offers the following services:

  • Consulting Engagements
  • New Design and Development
  • Current-State assessment of Information Delivery architecture/designs and Re-architecture/re-design
  • Performance tuning and Enhancements


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Why Lucid?

Lucid Dashboard Framework is a very powerful accelerator that can be used to create dashboards with custom widgets as required by the customer. Infographics techniques are used to present data as interactive dashboard elements, while the underlying framework also supports event based responses, thereby making the dashboards “actionable”.