Data Integration

Making disparate systems speak to each other.

Organisational systems are formed of iterations — additions, changes and improvements to their technology over time — almost never all-at-once. This means, at any point, you might have disparate systems, refusing to talk to each other. We can fix that.

Lucid’s data integration services enable extraction of the right data from heterogeneous systems. We also enable standardization of data to produce a meaningful, coherent output. We can then input such data, at required frequency, to appropriate applications for further analysis and interpretation.

Choosing Lucid

Choose the ‘Lucid Data Integration Accelerators’ to ensure your needs are met immaculately, on time. Also, because we bring our experience in a wide range of technologies, our technology-agnostic approach to problem solving, and strong technology partnerships to deliver the right solution for you.

Our offerings

paper-planeStrategic business consulting
paper-planeNew design and development
paper-planeCurrent-state assessment
paper-planePerformance tuning and enhancements