Public Sector

Information for the greater common good.

The right data — quality and integrity of data assured — and the ability to derive relevant insights can be an important enabler of good governance. We help ensure that.

Good governance depends on good information — about births, deaths, crimes, accidents, building violations and so on — that is accurate, of good quality and integrity. To achieve this, governmental organisations and agencies need systems that integrate, manage and present data appropriately to facilitate informed decision-making.

Our information management and business analytics services have helped several of public sector organisations address their data challenges.

Trustworthy Citizen Data

The integrity and trustworthiness of citizen data is what makes governments more efficient. Modern e-Governance in parallel to large volumes of legacy data have made it imperative to have an assembled and shared ‘single view of the citizen’, across all heterogeneous systems, data quality challenges of duplication, incomplete and non-standardized capture.

A master data management (MDM) strategy to identify the right master sources for citizen data and assemble a single verifiable and holistic view of a citizen is essential for informed-decision making among government bodies. We help build that.