With meaningful data, you can now be fit as a fiddle.

An increase in the aging population added to rising healthcare costs are driving providers to bring down costs without compromising on quality. We build technology solutions to achieve that.

We help healthcare providers, payers and service providers worldwide deliver better evidence-based outcomes empowered by advanced data management and analytics. We draw from our extensive industry experience offering information management services and solutions in healthcare to manage and optimise exploding and evolving data in the healthcare system.

Claims Processing

Reduction in high administrative overhead in the healthcare industry can be achieved by reducing the cost of claims processing – from claim submissions to payments by insurance and patients. This requires visibility into the current claims status, therefore cash flow.

Predictive analytics on claims increases the ability to predict cash flow and to better understand the pattern of settlement of claims by various payers and patient payments.

We help with that.

Value-driven Healthcare

In the US, the Affordable Care Act recommends the use of information technology — electronic health records (EHR), health information exchanges — to ensure physicians and hospitals can provide efficient and co-ordinated care; and have joint clinical and financial accountability for the health of the communities they serve. This requires quality of care measures like physician quality reporting system (PQRS), inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRF) etc. and linking it to medicare fee-for-service payments through the hospital VBP program. This encourages the providers to measure and monitor patients’ health data to identify problems at early stage and avoid costly hospital admissions or treatments.

To achieve this, providers need to integrate data from various sources including remote devices to enable meaningful action in a timely manner. Analytics is essential to derive meaningful and timely insights.

We help with that.