Financial Services

Bet your bottom dollar on good data.

Growing pressure to curtail costs, improve efficiencies, adhere to complex regulations and compete fiercely have led financial services organisations to turn to ‘data’ to give them the edge. Here’s where we help.

For financial services organisations worldwide — both large and small — our information management and business analytics services help to build a data foundation which derives actionable insights and address growing business challenges.

Regulatory Compliance

Banks can improve efficiency and profitability by intelligently addressing the need to adhere to increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and associated costs. One of the key, yet often unused, weapons in their armour is strategic information management.

A solid information governance framework ensures confidentiality, quality and integrity of data that is essential to be compliant and competitive with ease. We build that.

Community Banks

The challenges of community banks — reducing asset yield and quality, customer attrition, increasing cost of operations and increasing cost of compliance — are unique in nature and impact. Intelligent use of data and an understanding partner can help overcome these challenges.

Predictive analytics and methods such as customer lifetime value analysis, customer behavior analysis and next best offer help put community banks back on track to better serve their communities. We help build and manage that.