Making a song and dance of data.

Modern Internet technologies are challenging traditional film industry — that is already going through technological advancements — in several ways. We help overcome these challenges with the power of ‘data’.

In the world of ubiquitous content and sharing, leveraging technology — especially data around consumer preferences from social media and other channels — to enhance movie watching experience is critical for film companies. Our information management and business analytics services help deliver such customer experience.

Customer 360° View

A 360 degree view of your customer with data that is available internal and external to the organization, managed by a strong master data management (MDM) strategy ensures that the right (quality) data is available at the right time. We set that up.

Theatre Experience

A good social analytics solution will scout thousands of blogs, tweets, social networking sites for appreciation and complaints about your theatre, bringing you invaluable feedback and suggestions for improvement. We help build that.