IIS Business Process Management

Client: One of the top 100 fastest growing companies in US, manufacturing orthopedic surgical supplies.

Business Problem: Requirement to profile Customer, Vendor and Material data to understand the quality of data and define a process to remediate the failures.

Our Solution: Designed and developed jobs to pull data from the source system (SAP), designed rules to profile the data and move exception records to a workflow process, to review, approve and apply the fixes to the source system.

The project involved understanding of the business logic and defining the IA rules. The exceptions were captured and forwarded to Stewardship Center (STC) in BPM. A customized Business Process Definition was modeled with notification & reminders for each workflow stage with tight integration to IIS. The Exception Management Dashboard (Cognos) was customized to view the status of the exception sets for remediation. A custom scheduler was designed so that the IA rules were executed only if the previous exception sets were remediated in STC and fixes applied to source.

Technology: IBM Infosphere Information Server 11.3.2 (Information Governance Catalog, Information Analyzer, DataStage) , IBM Business Process Manager (Standard), Cognos 10.2.1, MS SQL Server 2012.

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