Formalizing management of business-specific reference data lists through Collibra DGC for a large US Healthcare Company

Client: A large US Healthcare company

Business Problem: Critical data management processes such as business-specific reference list management were very manual and being handled through spreadsheets. This was prone to errors and delays sometimes leading to revenue loss. The client wanted to use Collibra DGC as the system of record for these reference lists and also automate the processes associated with managing these lists.


We extended the Collibra operating model to define domains, assets and roles to support the managing of the reference lists. We built Collibra Connect templates to extract data from the Enterprise Datawarehouse for managing the data required for managing the reference lists. We then built custom workflows integrated with Collibra Connect templates that enabled users to load external data from vendors, build and manage the reference lists in Collibra DGC and publish the final reference lists to the Enterprise Warehouse and also distribute the lists via email. Collibra DGC thus became the authoritative data source for all the business specific reference lists

The custom workflow included automated load of filtered data from an external data feed, creating tasks for review and approval by various teams defined as custom roles, email notification to stakeholders that had custom extracts from reference list as attachments, and write back to a Netezza database, while maintaining custom audit information for the actions on the reference lists. Collibra Connect templates were used to build a file watch, manage a batch of tasks pertaining to each file received and write to the database, which was integrated into the workflow.

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