Data Quality Dashboard for a Top Theater Chain in the US

Business Problem: The client needed a dashboard to measure the quality of the data and review the effectiveness of the quality rules

Our Solution: The work involved design of a custom Dashboard that will allow the  Enterprise to measure Data Quality and the effectiveness of the Data Quality Rules.

This required profiling of  the data, development of  Data Quality(DQ) Rules  and defining the DQ metrics and Quality Indicators. Custom queries were developed to extract data from XMETA, the metadata repository of Information Server, DataStage jobs were developed to load a custom Datamart and a Dashboard developed using a custom open-source based Dashboarding framework. Parallely, there was an initiative to develop a data dictionary using Business Glossary and a custom widget to track Data Quality was linked as a Custom Attribute to the corresponding Glossary Term.

Technology: IBM InfoSphere Information Server 9.1 – XMETA, DataStage, Business Glossary, Information Analyzer,
mySQL 5.5, Flex, Java

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