Data Governance

Your decisions are only as good as your data.

Using incorrect data can be catastrophic — leading to suspect decisions, affecting business functions, and ultimately your revenue and profitability. We can help you overcome that.

Data Governance is becoming a pressing issue as enterprises struggle to manage several data related challenges. Need to support variety of data sources and structures, data privacy and security challenges combined with various self-service BI initiatives and so on. All of this ensuring the right data quality and control is in place to support internal decision making as well as the mandatory regulatory and compliance needs of the industry.

Lucid enables organizations to design develop and implement data governance processes working closely with the stakeholders.

Choosing Lucid

We have extensive experience implementing data governance projects in the areas of defining and setting up glossaries and policies, stewardship processes, data quality management, metadata management, master data management for clients across industries such as Financial Services, Government organizations, Healthcare, Entertainment etc.

Our Data quality solution enables active involvement of business users and IT users while providing a real-time data quality monitoring capability.

Our IMSmart suite of tools enable Data stewards to answer pressing questions across governance dimensions such as data lineage and impact analysis.

Our solutions enhance the out of the box capabilities available for governance in leading Enterprise Information Management platforms such as IBM InfoSphere Information Server. We also work with the industry leading governance platform Collibra Data Governance Centre to ensure improved integration capabilities with enterprise information management platforms to help improve the effectiveness of the governance processes along with better ROI from these platforms.

Our offerings

paper-planeDesign, development and implementation of governance processes
paper-planeCurrent-state assessment and Re-design of governance processes
paper-planeOptimization of your processes using our accelerators