Data Governance for an Award-winning Private US Bank

Business Problem: As part of the bank’s Data Governance Program for improved Basel Compliance, there was a need to identify and effectively report changes to metadata and monitor data quality, which was not supported out-of-the-box by IBM Information Server.

Solution: The bank had implemented various components of IBM InfoSphere Information Server – Business Glossary, Metadata Workbench to track Lineage & Information Analyzer to measure Data Quality. However, the reporting capabilities offered by the platform were insufficient to be able to report changes to Glossary, Lineage & other metadata, in addition to data quality. This required the creation of custom queries to extract data from XMETA, the metadata repository of Information Server. A custom data model was designed to support all the reporting requirements and DataStage jobs were developed to load this database.

Technology:  IBM InfoSphere Information Server 8.7 – XMETA, DataStage, Business Glossary, Metadata Workbench, Information Analyzer, Oracle 11i

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