Data Discovery/Visualization using Qlikview for US Division of one of the World’s Largest Property Services Firms

Business Problem: Client wanted to present the key metrics on their properties, leases , property maintenance and performance records to the property owners and brokers in a form which is actionable as well as visually appealing. The nature of data for the dashboard presented a challenge , varying from structured databases to CSVs and XML sources.

Our Solution: Qlikview  was the chosen as the tool of choice for its rich visualization capabilities as well as its rapid dashboard creation ability using variety of data sources. Co-Creation workshops involving the Business/end-users  were done from the Day One of Dashboard creation ensuring  the dashboard meets their needs  as well as they use the dashboard as they are part of the creation process.

Lucid built several dashboards enabling users to slice and dice the data. The data sources were cleansed and transformed using Qlikview ‘s scripting language. Online services such as Yahoo’s Finance API and Google’s Map/Address APIs were leveraged for Forex conversion and map/address presentation. Rich charts and filters were used to present the KPIs. Multiple Currency and Size metrics options were presented to view both local and international locations .

Qlikview features such as Cyclic groups, Set analysis, Comparative analysis with alternate states, Advance Transformations and Expressions, Dynamic bookmarks and Document reports were leveraged. Custom Themes for dashboards were created with images built on Adobe Photoshop.

Technology: Qlikview 11.0

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