Custom Workflow for Asset Bulk Upload in Information Governance Catalog (IGC)

Client: One of US’ leading health care companies that provide access to quality health care and innovative solutions for members.

Business Problem: IBM Information Governance Catalog(IGC) was used as part of the client’s Data Governance effort. In IGC, a steward has to create catalog assets (terms & categories) individually and send for approval. Support for bulk assignment/relationships on Information Assets and notifications are very limited. Upload via CSV is fairly restrictive and does not support loading of all attributes. The client wanted to minimize this manual effort.

Our Solution: Lucid leveraged the IGC REST API Services to enable bulk upload of catalog assets with standard and custom attributes, including linkages to Information Assets. A Simple BPM workflow process defined with three roles Author(creates assets), Approver(reviews and approves for publishing) and Publisher(initiates the bulk upload into IGC.

Technology: IBM Infosphere Information Server 11.5(Information Governance Catalog, IGC REST API Services) , IBM Business Process Manager (Standard) 8.5.6, Java SDK 1.7, CSV parsers, JSON parsers and REST client

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