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Setting up the foundation for Data Governance and scaling

Business Problem

• Client needed help to setup the foundation for Data Governance leveraging Collibra as the platform

• Then leverage the platform for use cases that show value of Governance processes and thus increase user adoption

Lucid Approach

• Lucid started with Advisory services to review the maturity level of the Client from a Governance perspective, the pain points that could be addressed by rolling out Governance processes

• Lucid then recommended a set of use cases with a roadmap for implementation – those that would be ‘quick wins’ demonstration the value of Collibra platform as well as the governance processes and those that would be implemented in the medium-to-longer term to scale the level of governance as there is increased level of adoption and maturity

• Pilots to demonstrate value of technical metadata integration from the BI platforms and Data Marts showed Client how they could benefit in use cases where they wanted to rationalize on Cognos reports and use that as a basis to migrate to Tableau. A case of impact analysis where an upstream legacy system change impacting the downstream reports was solved using the technical lineage provided by the Lucid’s Easy Connect metadata integrations

• The same is also being used as an input to migrate from on-prem system to Google Cloud platform

• As a key step to govern the process of reference data creation such as Product Attributes for Departments (Product Categories), Store and Product hierarchies in Collibra, bespoke workflows were created. These integrate bi-directionally with JIRA to manage the requests/tasks for the relevant IT Teams to create these approved reference data in the respective systems. An automated process for data reconciliation between Collibra and the downstream system is also being developed to report on exceptions since the content approval and creation processes are separate processes.


•A quick win was demonstrated for managing the third-party data sharing information required as part of the privacy and risk initiative for CCPA.

•Manual – time consuming and error prone processes around reference data management are being streamlined to be governed and centrally managed on the Collibra platform. This initial use-case is also driving a lot of interest in the governance program and the platform.

•The Data and Analytics teams benefited from the technical lineage helping them rationalize the reports and plan the on-prem to cloud migration of data assets.

•As the data and analytics platforms are being re-engineered, there is an opportunity to ensure governance becomes an intrinsic part of the development process. To enable this prototypes are being developed to showcase the benefits to the business and engineering teams, so that there is buy-in and collaboration.

Lucid has provided attentive and tailored customer service. They have not only helped us to stand-up our program and platform but see the innovative possibilities of the technology to support AEO’s end goal of becoming a more data-driven organization

Manager – Data Governance
Retail Industry