Nurturing Right Talent

rising stars

One of our guiding principles is to hire the right talent and then mentor and groom them into software professionals that can be part of a high-performance engineering team that has the capability and maturity to deliver extraordinary results.

Our Rising Stars initiative is a program to identify and nurture those team members who have the ability to become key contributors in the growth of Team Lucid. These team members can look forward to an exciting journey ahead that will be professionally enriching, personally satisfying and financially rewarding.

As Rising Stars they get to play a stretch role that enables them to fast track their careers, along with additional mentoring, and last but not the least, higher compensation. The Stars get identified at the start of every calendar year and they will be a part of this category until payout of their final bonus at the end of 12 – 15 months. Based on their performance, they would either continue to be a part of this group or could get dropped. If a Rising Star continues into the second year, he/she will get recognized individually and be given an opportunity to step into a leadership role.