Lucid Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The reason any organization exists is because it has customers who buy its products and services. The reason why customers prefer any organization is because it meets and delivers their requirements. To that extent, it is indeed true organizations are influenced by whom they work for and importantly what they work on!

As Lucid celebrates its 10th Anniversary, it has been the vision of the Founders that we would focus not on anything and everything in the IT Space – but on specific things! Afterall, being specific is terrific!

Thus, the customers that engage Lucid are Mid-Market to Fortune 50 for whom Lucid solves some of their most critical problems by ideating and delivering innovative solutions on technologies that the world will work – only in the future. Thus, to walk on an unchartered territory is almost a daily habit in Lucid.

And, if you want to know how we have been able to do it for a decade now – and how we intend to improvise and deliver into the future too – it is by the strength of our people.

It is said people define organizations; at Lucid, we believe people are organizations. If we accept imposing challenges, constantly discover new shores, breathe innovation, and consistently deliver and therefore are almost arrogant about our delivery capabilities – we owe it our people power. The very name Lucid was born out of the Vision of the Founders who want the Company to be transparent in its dealing with all its stakeholders and this has proved to be a winning formula. Core of Lucid therefore consists of:

Customer Success

  • Constant innovation
  • Go that extra mile – success lies there

We travel with the customer in every new summit they want to scale

People Focus

  • Constant learning & application
  • Committed to the growth of employees

Every individual is given the space, tools and freedom to come up with most creative and innovative outcomes

Organizational Culture

  • Demonstrate trust to everyone, every time
  • Uncompromising in values

Open, transparent, non-hierarchy-based work culture, where ideas germinate, and there is ‘spark’ moments all around