Lucid is an interesting synergy in several ways.

We have the culture of a startup — agile, entrepreneurial and ownership-driven. While we also have the opportunity to work with some of the largest, most established and mature organisations in the world.

We have an eclectic mix of youngsters, beginning their careers in exciting projects, mentored by seasoned professionals with varied global experience.

We offer services and support to our customers, while living the ethos of a product company, building solutions for industry problems.

At Lucid, we believe we can have the best of both worlds!

Life at Lucid

Work Environment: To Inspire and To Be Inspired

At Lucid, we believe that an organisation should be the place that inspires and motivates people to deliver their best work. It must encourage people to forge new ways, and creatively solve problems. It must give everyone the space to think, while innately establish a sense of collective discipline and mutual respect.

In order to achieve this motley group of needs, we focus on mentoring youngsters, encouraging high-performers, understanding women seeking second careers and creating opportunities to collaborate and share.

Here’s what some Lucidians had to say.

I joined here as a fresher on Mar 2011. Since then I’ve learnt a lot in data warehouse and BI. Lucid is a great place to start one’s career; my colleagues and supervisors were always ready to support me.

It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement. Quality work, great environment and learning opportunities are the reasons why I continue to work with Lucid. From my experience, for a person who wants to learn and grow personally and professionally, there are very few organizations that will help you grow. I’m glad that I got opportunity in one of them.

— C Pratheeban, Senior developer

My role is an ongoing challenge that keeps my job exciting! This job challenged me to think outside the box to ensure constant improvement in client service and business growth so that I was never complacent in any position that I held.

  • Ideas are always welcomed and innovation is encouraged.
  • It focuses on the employees overall growth, not just professional performance.
  • It focuses on an employee’s stretch role that enables them to fast track their careers, along with additional mentoring, and last but not the least, higher compensation.
  • I have worked on a number of interesting projects during my time here at Lucid, which involves work in latest technology like Netezza, SAP, SFDC and much more.
  • The journey so far has given me the opportunity to utilize my expertise to the full and develop the confidence to explore greater higher levels to build a strong professional career.
  • I have learned many things about the people I interacted with and I was able to develop my communication skills and the act of how to deal with people effectively.
  • There are programs that motivate us to stay fit too.
  • All the lessons gained from Lucid helped me become more mature and prepared for my future plans in life.

—Ronak R. Parikh, Senior Developer

Rising Stars: Nurturing the Right Talent

Our Rising Stars initiative is a program to identify and nurture those who can shape the future of Lucid, and in turn the industry.

As a rising star, you get varied opportunities, personal mentoring, and proportional compensation. At the end of the rising star time period — 12-15 months — you get your performance bonus, become a high-performance professional and gain the maturity to deliver extraordinary results.

Moreover, if you are truly a rising star, you might get fasttracked into a leadership role, within Lucid.

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Second Career: Everybody Deserves a Second Chance

Housewives and mothers returning to the workforce get a special welcome at Lucid. Our second career initiative offers you a flexi-time opportunity to return to work, without compromising on your family’s needs.
Here’s what some of our second career-women have to say about their work at Lucid.

“After a five-year break, I resumed my career in IT, with Lucid. I have been with Lucid for more than a year and it has been incredibly fruitful.

With flexible work timings, part time and work-from-home options, I manage my work and family rather well.

Professionally there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. Mentors who encourage us to explore new things, working with highly talented team members and a conducive work environment keep me motivated.”

— Sahithi, Senior developer

Just as I was about to give up on the hope of finding a suitable part-time job that accommodated my needs for flexi-time and work-from-home, Lucid came my way. I began as a part-time analyst on a 3-month trial basis.

It has been 3 years since and have never looked back. Lucid’s leadership and values are unique and the mentoring they provide not only helps you to brush up on your skills but also helps you to learn & develop new skills.

The knowledge that I have gained and the challenging projects that I have worked on at Lucid has been an enriching experience professionally and personally.”

— Gayathri, Business Analyst

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Mentoring Matters

At Lucid, we believe in life-long fruitful relationships with Lucidians — current and ex. In doing so, we often invite ex-Lucidians and professionals who have built themselves a successful career to share their stories to inspire us.

The interaction at the end of these talks helps the team relate to where they are and the possibilities that exist ahead of them.

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Knowledge Forum: Sharing is Caring

In a knowledge economy, as an organisation in the business of information, we believe in knowledge-sharing and collaborative problem-solving. Knowledge forum enables exactly this.

The team shares its learnings with the fellow Lucidians and in the process enhance their own knowledge, opening their minds to newer ways. It also instills confidence in public speaking and drives them to explore more. These forums are in the form of face-to-face sessions as well as in a wiki/blog platform.

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