Visual Regression testing for Dashboards

There are tools available for visual regression testing of a webpage. Same tools can be used for OBIEE dashboards also. The following open source tools are required: CasperJS: Provides a set of APIs on top of PhantomJS that make working with web page forms, navigation etc. PhantomJs: A headless browser, is the core functionality we’re […]

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There is an interesting report from IDC on the forecast of digital data for 2020. Sharing few interesting bits from the same. As per the report, the definition of ‘DIGITAL UNIVERSE ‘ – It is made up of images and videos on mobile phones uploaded to YouTube, digital movies populating the pixels of our high-definition […]

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(Big)Database Landscape Map – A very good visual representation

Big data is typically characterized by the the three Vs – Velocity, Variety and Volumes. Velocity describes the speed of the data that flows in predominantly real-time. Variety talks about the nature of data – structured (typical data that fit into relational tables), semi-structured (xmls, data in xl sheets) an unstructured (texts, images etc). Volumes […]

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