Sustainable Product Engineering Framework (SPEF)

Building technology for an intelligent tomorrow.

To create products which fit today’s requirements while also able to scale up to future market demands is the constant endeavor of the product engineering team at Lucid.

Our proprietary sustainable product engineering framework (SPEF) addresses the three key pillars of product engineering: Speed of development, transparent quality, continuous improvement.

Diagram Sustainable Prd Eng F
This framework offers the engineering team the flexibility to innovate while ensuring consistency in the quality, along with faster development throughput.SPEF integrates best of CMMI and SCRUM practices to provide a unique methodology where control of a matured CMMI process is experienced while enjoying the high velocity of SCRUM development.

While the three pillars of the framework has been integrated into the overall SPEF methods, tools and techniques, the individual engineer’s productivity and performance has been shaped based on Watts Humphrey Personal Software Process (PSP) principles.

The Sustainable Product Engineering Framework can be visualized to comprise of four distinct phases. Product Conceptualization, Product Engineering, Product Release and the Product Support phase.


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