Lucid Dashboard Framework

Creating intuitive dashboards quickly.

The Lucid Dashboard Framework enables quick development of fit-for-purpose dashboards, through a library of widgets that can provide actionable information in an intuitive manner.

tickmarksLightweight robust
tickmarksFlexible deployment (in-premise/cloud)
tickmarksSeamless integration
with other portals

tickmarksRequires minimal skill-set to develop and maintain

tickmarksSupports different databases (vendors)
tickmarksSupports solution specific data marts


Key features of the framework

Information mash up
Mashes up internal and external data such as RSS feeds and blogs. 

Goal setting and tracking
Allows for metrics, goal definition, tracking and intelligent trending.

Truly versatile
Deployable across OS, browsers, and webservers.

Good application integration
Exposes services using REST.

Highly secure
User authentication and authorization – can also be integrated with any existing LDAP. Data is secured by 128 bit encryption.

Richer visualization
Rich library of components developed using infographics
Customized prebuilt charts and graphs
Interactive analysis for decision-making
“What if”, comparative, sensitivity analysis etc.

Collaboration for effective actions
Options for auto-notification, workflow, email.

Multiple perspectives
Offers the ability to select different perspectives – for a CEO or a CFO.

Flexible personalization
Allows for user level personalization – including dashboard layout.

Quick turn around
Assembly of pre-built components means it’s instant.

Data transformation and integration
Ability to pull data from multiple types of data sources.
Provides all data transformation abilities.


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