Generic SQL (GSQL) – SQL generalization utility

Improve code performance at run time.

Generic SQL (GSQL) is Lucid’s own SQL generalization utility. It enables an SQL code written in an abstracted SQL language (with GSQL specific constructs/tags that is proprietary to Lucid Dashboard Framework) is passed through a GSQL parser. This in turn will emit the target database specific SQL code (either in TSQL or PL/SQL).

This ensures that there is no impact to the performance of generated SQL code at run time as parsing is handled at design/development time . The emitted SQL code is target specific and makes use of the native features (if any) of the target DBMS.

This helps deploy Lucid Solutions (such as DQ Monitor, RevenueIQ) across different databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

With GSQL, a centralized version of the SQL code is maintained for each solution supporting different databases. This makes the solution extensible, i.e. to support new databases (like DB2, Netezza) by adding the required parser module (Netezza or DB2), without having to rewrite the entire solution specific SQL code targeting the new database.

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