Lucid Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

$20B insurance leader in property and casualty insurance, group benefits and mutual funds

Sector : Insurance
Function : Governance

Solution Components
  • Java 1.8
  • ISTOOLS CLI commands
  • JSON Parser

Business Problem

  • Client migrates catalog assets & relation to information assets from lower to higher environments as part of the project content promotions
  • The approach was executed manually following the steps during promotion
  • Unable to filter, transform assets based new taxonomy defined in IGC 11.7 instance

Lucid Approach

  • Lucid designed migration utility with the following features
    • To extract assets based on different filters from lower environments
    • Transform the assets to new taxonomy
    • Validate the assets & its attributes before migration
    • Upsert the assets in the higher environment
  • Designed caching strategy based on different filter types to optimize the lookup
  • Support for custom attributes 
  • Pre-defined set of validations configurable on the asset attributes
  • Basic cleansing support on asset attribute values
  • Implemented validation on extension mappings to enforce on mapping document per target table
  • Support for both workflow enabled & disabled mode on catalog assets
  • Summary of migration with detailed information on transformation, validation & Upsert failure logs for reconciliation


  • An automate process for promoting IGC contents to higher environments through migration util 
  • Support for advanced filtering, transformation & validations providing finer control on the migrated assets
  • Option to use the same environment as intermediate staging for intermediate migration
  • Support for different filter modes – Application (Host), Category & Collections level facilitating multiple ways to group & migrate assets

Lucid has provided attentive and tailored customer service. They have not only helped us to stand-up our program and platform but see the innovative possibilities of the technology to support AEO’s end goal of becoming a more data-driven organization