Lucid Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

$20B insurance leader in property and casualty insurance, group benefits and mutual funds

Sector : Insurance
Function : Governance

Solution Components
  • ISTOOLS CLI commands
  • Curl commands
  • IGC Queries

Business Problem

  • Client migrated catalog assets & information assets from 11.5 to 11.7 version
  • Migration of Collection asset was not supported in the standard migration approach
  • Client modelled Collection assets extensively for grouping their Project related assets
  • Unable to use Collections effectively in migrated 11.7 instance

Lucid Approach

  • Lucid defined IGC queries and executed them to extract the Collection information from the existing 11.5 instance
  • Lucid defined utils & scripts to create collection (with default owners & viewers) in 11.7 instance through IGC REST API using the query export as input
  • For the Collection members, did a look up of assets from 11.7 instance to de-reference the assets to their RIDs
  • Used the utils & scripts to 
    • Update collection attribute
    • Update collection members
    • Update collection hierarchy


  • Migration of collections resulted in effective use of IGC contents in 11.7 instance without losing their existing content
  • The collections hierarchies were preserved. Default owners & viewers were assigned to each collection for easier adoptability

Lucid has provided attentive and tailored customer service. They have not only helped us to stand-up our program and platform but see the innovative possibilities of the technology to support AEO’s end goal of becoming a more data-driven organization