Lucid Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

$18B American
multinational personal care corporation

Sector : Retail
Function : Governance

Solution Components
  • Collibra customizations
  • Lucid Workflows
  • Lucid Easy Connections
    • SAP HANA
  • Lucid Solutions
    • ImpactAnalysis

Business Problem

  • Client had challenges in kick starting the data governance initiative even though the investment on the Collibra platform was done much earlier
  • Client looking for a ‘quick win’by leveraging the Collibra platform

Lucid Approach

  • Lucid started with Advisory services to review the maturity level of the Client from a Governance perspective, the pain points that could be addressed by rolling out Governance processes and help define the ‘quick win’ use case, which was agreed to be building an analytics catalog laying the foundation for analytics governance
  • In the first phase, with an aim to enable an analytic catalog, metadata from various reporting platforms such as Tableau, Power BI, WebI, A4O were brought in along with the SAP HANA VDMs that these platforms consumed data from
  • The solution that is part of the Lucid’s Easy Connections suite, the Collibra SAP HANA Integration was used to bring in the HANA VDM technical metadata. The VDMs were enhanced with custom metadata to provide additional information such as the scope of the data the view holds, if the view is available for reporting, typical consuming platform, Business unit responsible et. to help the analytics users and the governance team
  • A workflow was also built to manage these custom attributes or enhanced metadata
  • Linking the Glossary and Business metadata such as the KPIs, Dimensions and Measures to the reporting platforms and the HANA views made it truly a searchable analytics catalog for users
  • A custom workflow was used to manage the life cycle of these Glossary and Business Assets
  • Lucid’s Impact Analysis utility was also deployed to help the analytics team with the impact analysis assessment use case where impact due to change in any of the HANA VDMs on the downstream reporting platforms can be understood and vice versa


  • Client was able to successfully kick-start the governance initiative in the organization with the catalog for their Supply Chain Analytics team brought in as a pilot to show case the benefits
  • Lucid’s Easy Connections and the Impact analysis solution provided them a quick and automated method to populate the analytics catalog as well as help leverage the catalog for ley use cases such as Impact analysis