Lucid Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Softwareproduct company in the Data Protection and Data Privacy space

Sector : Software Product
Function : Governance, Data Protection, Data

Solution Components

Custom bi-directional
integration between platforms

Business Problem

Client was looking to provide value to their customers by cross pollinating the metadata between their Data protection and Data Privacy platform and Collibra, the Data governance platform

Lucid Approach

  • Lucid defined the initial use cases for bi-directional integration of the BigID and Collibra platform
  • Glossary terms and their relationship with the physical data assets in Collibra reflecting as Glossary terms and terms as Friendly Names of the corresponding physical data assets in BigID
  • Similarly, the Friendly Names of the physical data assets in BigID are created as corresponding relations in Collibra including the confidence level and risk scores
  • Lucid also helped design and build a verification and curation process where the updates from BigID are reviewed and approved before the actual updates reflect in Collibra
  • Lucid enabled this bi-directional integration as an application that can be configured and triggered from the BigID platform


  • Provide value to customers who own both the BigID and Collibra platforms enabling cross pollination of the metadata
  • Increased product reach of Collibra to BigID customers who would see value in Collibra complementing the BigID platform