Lucid Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Product versions supported:
• Collibra Data Governance Centre v5.6.x, v5.7.x
• Sisense version 8.2.1 Linux edition; version 8.2.x Windows edition

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Why would I need this Solution / What problem are we looking to solve?

  • Software development and delivery is an increasingly difficult practice to manage. KPIs required to manage overall organizational process health rely on a combination of data from across multiple Development, Deployment, and Operational platforms
  • Leaders need the ability to predict trends and quickly triage problems by exception

Lucid’s Solution

  • Leverages key Sisense features:
    • ElastiCubes used to mash-up data from multiple systems with qualitative functional department inputs
    • BloX used to improve visualization with trend indicators
    • Drill-down on BloX indicators to see exceptions driving trends
    • AI Exploration Path used to auto-suggest visualization and uncover additional insights
    • Pulse used to allow self-service trigger actions based on configurable thresholds
    • Quest used to provide predictive insights
  • Lucid’s integration to Service Management platforms
    • Enables ticket initiation from within dashboard
  • Executive dashboards with core DevOps KPIs with individual supporting functional sub-dashboards
    • Customizable for each organization’s KPI categories and organization structure
    • Support for multiple source DevOps platforms

Key Features

  • Lucid-built Sisense dashboards provides all customers with embedded advanced analytics (exploratory paths, trend prediction, anomaly detection etc.)
  • It provides a quick start with the pre-built dashboards and reports, and additional reports can be added as required
  • Lucid’s architecture allows access to a wider range of Collibra and external data
  • Embedded dashboards inherit Collibra’s permissions
  • Lucid’s extensive Collibra experience and Sisense industry leading capabilities provide deeper insights, crafted specifically for your business needs

High-level Architecture of the Solution

Sample dashboards with embedded widgets