Lucid Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Product versions supported:

• Collibra Data Governance Centre v5.6.x, v5.7.x
• Sisense version L8.2.1 Linux edition with Python module embedded in ElastiCube model (beta)

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Why would I need this Solution / What problem are we looking to solve?

Collibra, one of the leading Data Governance Platform, provides a wealth of information about the data and processes within several enterprise platforms that are integrated with it. Immensely powerful insights to manage these enterprise platforms can be drawn using analytics on Collibra platform

Lucid's Solution

Lucid’s Embedded analytics dashboards in Collibra using Sisense provides ability to embed advanced Sisense analytics widgets in the Collibra dashboards leveraging the rich governance data within Collibra. It leverages the new Sisense beta feature of Python module embedded with ElastiCube module.

Key Features

  • Lucid-built Sisense dashboards provides all customers with embedded advanced analytics (exploratory paths, trend prediction, anomaly detection etc.)
  • It provides a quick start with the pre-built dashboards and reports, and additional reports can be added as required
  • Lucid’s architecture allows access to a wider range of Collibra and external data
  • Embedded dashboards inherit Collibra’s permissions
  • Lucid’s extensive Collibra experience and Sisense industry leading capabilities provide deeper insights, crafted specifically for your business needs

High-level Architecture of the Solution

Sample dashboards with embedded widgets

  • Sisense widgets embedded within Collibra dashboard as the dashboard widgets, each widget providing the needed analysis capabilities like the ability to drill down and filtering etc.
  • Drill down to see the underlying assets with link to the same in the Collibra instance
  • Deep analysis option to view trend prediction using predictive models such as Linear Regression
  • Sisense Pulse Alerts help to detect and notify anomalies, variations on the KPIs tracked, making them actionable