Lucid Technologies & Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Product versions supported:
• Tableau versions 2018.x, 2019.x, 2020.1
• Cognos versions 10.2.1, 10.2.2, 11.0.5
• Sisense v8.1, v8.2 – requires Linux version for Data source/Data model migration as Data Model APIs are currently supported only in Linux edition

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Why would I need this Solution / What problem are we looking to solve?

  • Large Enterprises typically have a problem of plenty with BI platforms and tools in use. To improve operational efficiency, they are looking to rationalize and consolidate multiple platforms into a single powerful platform such as Sisense
  • Consolidation requires effort intensive migration activities, that are largely manual and therefore time-consuming and error-prone process. Lack of detailed and current documentation also adds to the complexity of developing a standardized approach

Lucid’s Solution

Lucid’s Tableau to Sisense migration and Cognos to Sisense migration accelerators enableorganizations to use a governed approach for migrationby leveragingautomation to help migration planning, perform a majority of the actual migration and do the post-migration verification.The accelerators uses automated methods for migration likecreation of dashboardsand data models (ElastiCube, and Live models) thereby saving effort and enabling predictability of the output.

Key Features

Lucid’s Tableau to Sisense Migration Accelerator provides an inventory of objects to support migration planning and supportsabout 60% conversion of the standard Tableau components into Sisense (verified against Tableau Viz Gallery)